Recommended books from SA in English

Beake, Lesley. Harry Went to Paris. Puffin, 1989.

Beake, Lesley. Song of Be. Maskew Miller Longman, 1991.

Bransby, Lawrence. The Boy Who Counted to a Million. Human & Rousseau, 1995.

Daly, Niki. Jamela's Dress.Tafelberg.

Daly, Niki. Yebo, Jamela. [What's Cooking, Jamela?] Tafelberg.

Gregorowski, Christopher. Fly, Eagle, Fly! Tafelberg, 2002.

Heale, Jay, ed. Storyland. Tafelberg, 1991.

Kenmuir, Dale. Song of the Surf. Maskew Miller Longman, 1988.

Hofmeyr, Dianne. Boikie You Better Believe It. Tafelberg, 1986.

Hofmeyr, Dianne. The Magical Mulberrry Blanket. Tafelberg, 1991.

Meyerowitz, Barbara, Jenette Copans and Tessa Welch, comp. My Drum. Hippogriff Press/Abecedarius Books, 1988.

Mennen, and Niki Daly. One Round Moon and a Star for Me.

Poland, Marguerite. Shadow of the Wild Hare. David Phillip, 1986.

Robson, Jenny. Mellow Yellow. Tafelberg, 1994.

Seed, Jenny. Place Among the Stones. Tafelberg, 1987.

Seed, Jenny. The Hungry People. Tafelberg, 1992.

Slingsby, Peter. The Joining. Tafelberg, 1996.

Tracey, Hugh. The Lion on the Path and Other African Stories. International. Library of African Music, Rhodes University, 1986.

Van Straten, Cicely. The Great Snake of Kulungu and Other East African Stories. Juventus, 1981

Compiled by Elwyn Jenkins
"I have tried to cover various genres and categories, and stick to recent books except where I feel a particular author has to be represented."
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