Opportunity for girl writer/diamond mining

US magazine is looking for an African girl writer age 8-14 to write
about the effect of the diamond trade upon her life:

I'm an editor at New Moon: A Magazine for Girls and Their Dreams. This publication is often considered "the thinking girls magazine." I'm searching for an African girl between the ages of 8 and 14 to write, first hand, about her how she thinks the diamond industry has affected her, her family, or her country.

We could research and write the article ourselves, but we feel it's important for girls to communicate with girls about these important issues.

Please pass this message on to anyone who may have a contact. We would
certainly help the girl edit this 600 word article and pay her for her effort.

Thank you for your consideration. We, like you, would like to educate our readers about this serious and important topic. Thank you.

Tracy Gilsvik
New Moon Publishing
34 E. Superior Street, suite 200
Duluth, MN 55802
218-728-5507, ext. 13

Meredith Tax, President
Women's WORLD
208 W. 30th St., #901
New York NY 10001
Tel. 212-947-2915
Fax: 212-947-2973
Email: wworld@igc.org or meredith.tax@verizon.net





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